Our Promise

We're Devoted to Our Mission

We're Devoted to Our Mission

Gain access to supportive senior care in Flint, MI

Nathan's Place isn't just a senior living center- we're a family. As such, we are committed to provide quality care to the residents we watch over. We fully believe that caring for seniors is our life's calling. Our staff is dedicated to aiding our residents while respecting their independence.

We open our doors to seniors who want an easier life and a supportive culture. Learn more about our promise to serve seniors by calling us at 810-410-4012.

We only hire the most qualified candidates

Our staff holds extensive experience in elderly care. We maintain an exceptional staff by making sure we hire the top candidates. During the hiring process, we perform in-depth background checks to verify their qualifications. By doing so, we've been able to continually provide quality care.

Our team will provide your family with a heightened peace of mind when they understand the level of care we'll provide. Call now to find out more about our senior care services in Flint, MI.